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Challenge Rides | Iceland 2022


Iceland 2022 | 9-15 August

Horse riding in Iceland is incredibly surprising for countless reasons. First of all, the landscape is so diverse and unique that you will hardly believe it’s real! Volcanoes, lava fields, endless hills, valleys, and sandy beaches; what more could you ask for? Secondly, Icelandic horses are one of the purest and strongest breeds on the planet. They are short and look more like ponies, but you’ll be surprised by their strength and agility. They are also incredible people pleasers. So prepare for nothing less than the horse riding experience of your life in Iceland!

Embrace the natural beauty of Thórsmörk 

Thórsmörk is a nature reserve, surrounded on three sides by glaciers, in the interior of southern Iceland. To access this hidden valley the rider must ford several glacial rivers, ride around beautiful waterfalls, cross the lava fields from the 2010 eruption and hack through the wooded areas that protect the reserve. A fantastic, magical riding experience.

Thórsmörk is a real surprise: fertile and green and because it’s so sheltered, much warmer than the surrounding area. There ae several dainty waterfalls along the way, though the main river, the River Krossa, comes directly from a glacier and is absolutely freezing!

This is a “loop” trail that begins at the stable and ends at the farmhouse. Total distance ridden is 105 Km in 4 riding days. 




Oman Difficulty 5/5

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Iceland Challenge Ride


About the Horses:

Sometime around the year 900 Norsemen brought horses to Iceland from Scandinavia, and thus began the distinctive breed that we know today. The Viking culture is rich in sagas that date from around this time and there are frequent references to horses in these heavyweight tombs. Natural selection due to the harsh climate, coupled with selective breeding, has manipulated and moulded to become a resilient, multi-purpose horse. The breed society was established in 1904.


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Staying On:

If riders would like to spend more time in Iceland then feel free to contact us as our rides are fully flexible. We can arrange extra accommodation, private guides and tours to suit your every need.

Price + Local Currency:

Sign-up fee of £300 to be paid at the time of booking to secure your place.
Ground cost for the ride, excluding flights, is £2,190 and payable to The BHS eight weeks before departure.
A charitable donation of £700 is also required to support the campaign of your choice. 

The local currency is the Icelandic króna kr.

Suggested group flights information provided.


What makes our Challenge Rides so great is that your minimum donation of £700 will go to The BHS campaign of your choice.

Flights & Dates:

Flights can be booked with Venture Co. (suggested group flight information provided) Please contact them directly:
01837 55907

Iceland Challenge Ride


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