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Fundraise Your Way

Fundraising for a cause you're passionate about is a rewarding and enjoyable experience! But we know the hardest part is just getting started, so here's some tips and ideas to help you achieve your target.

How are you going to fundraise?

  • Friends and family: Complete a sponsored walk, wash the cars on your yard, have a spring clean with a car boot sale, or swap a girl’s night out with a girl’s night in and donate the cash saved.
  • Calling all colleagues: Have a bake sale, quit a bad habit, or organise a sports day – your work mates to pay to join in. Why not ask your employer to match your total donation to double your support.
  • Super soirée: BBQs, coffee mornings, quiz nights or yard partaays! Sell tickets to your event or ask for donations as gifts. Are you a fabulous foodie? Rope in helpers to sell food at community events or farmers markets.
  • The big and the brave: To the fearless – we salute you! Complete a challenge ride, enter a marathon, or pick up a parachute. There are countless large events across the UK you can enter or complete a personal target you’ve set yourself.

Make it happen

  • Call in those favours: Sharon has a venue, Dave’s brownies are to die for and Verity is a dab hand with the face paints. Speak to your friends – together is a great place to be and can raise more cash.
  • Freebie Fever: Tell local business and clients about your event and ask if they want to donate or prize, you could advertise their company at your event as an incentive.

Make it easy to donate

  • It’s super easy to set up an online fundraising page on JustGiving so your supporters can donate with a click.
  • Or – become one of our Facebook Fundraisers! Set up a target goal to encourage your pals to donate a few more pounds.
  • Paperback writer? No worries – you can send your hard earned donations by post or cheque. Remember to include your name, address and which campaign you would like the donations to be counted to.
  • Share it! Post your planning prowess on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a link to your online fundraising pages. Remember all the old school ways too – print your event to post on your yard’s notice board too.
  • Be excited! Fundraising isn’t for the light hearted - you’re amazing! You’re excitement will encourage donors to be generous.

Thinking big? Tell the press

  • Get in touch with your local radio station or paper. Your whole community can hear about how you’re helping to stop horses being in distress.

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