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Career Transition Fund

  • Last reviewed: 6th September 2023

The BHS Career Transition Fund is designed to support individuals, who have obtained BHS Stage 1 (or equivalent), to train for BHS qualifications at Stage 2 and Stage 3.

Funding vouchers will be awarded to the individual who can then redeem the voucher against the cost of training which is delivered by a BHS Approved Centre or a BHS Accredited Professional Coach (up to £200 for Stage 2 and £250 for Stage 3). The Centre or APC will then claim the monetary value of the vouchers direct from the BHS.

Applications are welcomed from anyone holding their BHS Stage 1 (or equivalent) and funding vouchers can be applied for to support training for BHS Stages 2 and 3. If the individual already holds BHS Stage 2 they can still apply for funding towards BHS Stage 3.

We would like our Accredited Professional Community to promote the British Horse Society 2022 Career Transition Fund and encourage anyone who holds BHS Stage 1 (or equivalent) to apply for funding and train towards BHS Stages 2 and 3.

The training vouchers can be used to cover all or part of the cost of the training, it is very much up to the BHS Approved Centre and BHS Accredited Professional Coach how they would like to deliver the training.

The emphasis of the fund is to support individuals along the professional pathway and we do ask that all funded training is specifically for the purpose of attaining Stage 2 or Stage 3.

How the Fund Works

Upon approval of the application, candidates will be issued with a voucher including a unique reference number and the total amount of funding they have been awarded. The voucher must be presented to either the BHS Approved Centre or BHS Accredited Professional Coach before the commencement of the training. Training will then be provided at the discounted rate. The candidate will be responsible for paying the difference in the cost of training.

We recommend that the candidates check they have a space on a training course with the chosen Approved Centre/Accredited Professional before completing an application form. All vouchers have a six month expiry period from the date of issue.

Applying for the Voucher

The candidate must be the one applying for the funding. Applications for training vouchers should be made to the BHS using the link:

Application Form


  • Have the appropriate pre-requisite for the Stage you are training towards (for example Stage 1 if you are training for Stage 2)
  • Current BHS Gold or BHS Pathways member
  • UK or ROI residents only

Fundraising Rates

Funding will be provided at the following rates:

Working towards Stage 2 Care/Lunge/Ride


Working towards Stage 2 Coach


Total contribution towards Stage 2 Complete


Working towards Stage 3 Care/Lunge/Ride


Working towards Stage 3 Coach


Total contribution towards Stage 3 Complete


Downloadable marketing resources

We've created these promotional materials for social media use - download the pack here.

Contact Us

Please contact you BHS Business Support Manager or the BHS Education team andd we will be able to help with further advice and support to help you benefit from this great opportunity.

Further information

Redeeming the Voucher

The voucher can be used with any BHS Approved Centre or BHS Accredited Professional Coach who can help you train towards your assessment. We are unable to fund training with centre which are not BHS Approved or coaches who are not a BHS Accredited Professional Coach. Ridden training or lunge training can only be delivered by a BHS Approved riding school where a riding school licence is in place. BHS Accredited Professional Coaches can deliver training for BHS Stage 2 and 3 care units.

Type of Training

The voucher can only be used against training towards a BHS Stage 2 or 3 assessment. The training is not for individuals to train on their own horse.

Voucher Number

We aim to respond back to all funding application within two working days (via email). You will be issued with a unique voucher number; this must be given to the BHS Approved Centre or BHS Accredited Professional Coach at the time of booking the training. If you do not supply the voucher number, you may not receive the funding towards your training and be expected to pay the full amount to the Centre/Coach.

Expiry Date

All vouchers supplied are given a six-month expiry date. They must be used and claimed for within the six-month period.


The voucher cannot be transferred between candidates. The unique number is associated to the name that applied for the voucher. The voucher cannot be transferred between BHS Approved Centres or BHS Accredited Professional Coaches and must be used in full with the Centre or Coach that was given the application form. The voucher cannot be transferred between level (for example Stage 2 and use for Stage 3 training) or within the levels (Care/Lunge/Ride cannot be used for Coach funding). For recording and monitoring purposes the funding awarded has been allocated on the basis of the original application.

Multiple Requests

We will only issue one voucher for each level/type (for example Stage 2 Care/Lunge/Ride) per person. Any additional requests for funding of the same level/type will not be approved. You can only apply for one voucher at a time, to gain access to the level of funding (for example Stage 2 Coach) you must have the pre-requisites in order for the funding to be approved (for example completed successfully Stage 2 Care, Lunge and Ride).

Claiming the Funding: Candidate

You must provide the unique voucher code to the BHS Approved Centre or BHS Accredited Professional Coach at the time of booking the training to be eligible for the discounted training. The Centre/Coach will be reimbursed for your discount, upon completion of the training and submission of the claim form.

Claiming the Funding: Centre and Coach

The BHS Approved Centre or BHS Accredited Professional Coach can only claim the voucher when the total value of the voucher has been used. We will ask for evidence of the training given.

The Centre/Coach must claim for the funding directly within the BHS, by completing the claim form. Please contact the Education Team if you are having difficulty using the online form.

All claims for funding must be submitted via the form and include the voucher code number and details of the training provided. We aim to pay all claims within one month of receipt providing the details are correct. The claim will only be processed after the last training session has been delivered to the candidate. The Centre/Coach does not have to submit an invoice, all claims for the funding can be submitted via the claims form. All claims for funding should be made within one month of completion of the training.

Privacy Notice

The information you provide will be used to manage the process for assigning funding for your training and following up with the relevant BHS Approved Centre or BHS Accredited Professional Coach to ensure you have received everything you need.

We will not share your information with anyone that is not involved in your training or assessment unless we are under legal obligation to do so, or it is in your vital interests. You can see more about how we collect and use your personal data by visiting our Privacy Page.