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Become a BHS Assessor

We work to provide a professional and friendly assessment experience for all our candidates progressing along the BHS Career Pathways. Behind this is our BHS Assessor team.

  • Last reviewed: 29th June 2022
Assessments Assessments

New assessors are assigned a mentor (an experienced BHS Assessor) to provide support and guidance and ensure you develop as an assessor. 

We are not currently recruiting for assessors but check back onto this page for any new updates.   

Become a BHS Assessor (BHS Career Pathway Stages)

To become an assessor, we ask that you meet the following criteria: 

  • Minimum coaching qualification of BHS Performance Coach BHSI or above. 
  • Upon successful application following an interview, you will be invited to a training day(s). 
  • You will be supported through a probationary period demonstrating your assessment technique at a minimum of one assessment at each stage (or as many as required until competent). 

Hear from our BHS Assessors

"Being a BHS Assessor is a great opportunity and has enhanced my career. As an assessor I have travelled abroad to Ireland, USA and China. I have met other professionals from across the whole of the UK and had the pleasure of helping to develop the next generation of equestrian professionals." Fred Hodges - BHS Performance Coach BHSI

"Being a BHS assessor has provided me with opportunities to develop my working life on a national and international stage. Career students have contacted me for examination training and developing their own career pathways while at the same time my coaching world has expanded on the kudos that being an assessor brings." Julian Campbell - BHS Performance Coach BHSI