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Behind the scenes of an Equine Welfare Concern

17 Feb 2021 19:00 - 20:30

As horse lovers it can cause distress to see horses and ponies suffering through neglect or lack of knowledge. The British Horse Society faces this challenge everyday but its not as simple as it may seem to rescue a horse or pony from a desperate situation.

Join this interactive talk, which will cover everything from advice and education through to prosecution.

There are some common misconceptions that equine welfare charities 'aren't doing enough', let us take you on a tour behind the scenes of an equine welfare concern which will cast a light on what can and cant be achieved in varying situations.

As the UK's largest equine Charity, The BHS works tirelessly to address welfare concerns, educating owners and improving the lives of horses and ponies. We work alongside rescue and rehoming charities such as The RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, Blue Cross, Red Wings and many other local charities to improve equine welfare.

This insightful presentation will provide lots of opportunity to ask questions and understand how and when action can be taken often with brilliant results.

Speakers include Cathy Hyde, our BHS Welfare Field Officer, covering the North West of England. Cathy has been with us for almost three years having previously worked for the RSPCA for 18 years as a Chief Inspector with a specialist equine focus. She has over 20 years extensive experience working in Equine Welfare and actively investigates welfare concerns. Key to the success of her role is collaborative working with other equine charities, veterinary surgeons and other professionals to advise support and where appropriate work with them to secure the welfare of equines.

Also joining us is Vet Suzanne Green, with a degree in Zoology and Marine Zoology and subsequently a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Suzanne has worked as an equine vet for over 10 years developing a keen interest in welfare work at an early stage. In addition she has completed qualifications in both Civil and Criminal Law and is currently finishing her Masters in Forensic Veterinary Science. As if that wasn't impressive enough, she is partway through achieving her Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice and has established her own Practice, Greenway Equine Veterinary Services in Lancashire. She regularly undertakes equine welfare work on behalf of all the major equine charities and will be sharing unique insight into this topic.

*Please be aware that some content of this presentation may not be suitable for young children as they may find images distressing and parental discretion is advised*

We feel this is necessary to show the realistic picture of the equestrian welfare situation.

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