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Learning about learning Part 2 - Mary Wanless Webinar

2 Dec 2020

Learning about learning Part 2 – the ‘wordscape’ and the ‘brainscape’. How do you generate the ‘Aha!’ experiences that catalyse learning? It’s possible, they are not in the lap of the Gods! We’ve all heard the phrase ‘back to basics’ – and good basics are vital – but what are those basics? And what happens to you (and the riding culture as a whole) when ‘X’s are presented as if they are ‘A’s?


A series of eight 45 minute webinars. These utilize power point presentations and demonstrations of dismounted exercises, along with using a riding simulator to show both good biomechanics and common faults.

Mary explains how to best cue various corrections, and she will also use a model pelvis to explain how a little anatomy goes a long way in learning how to sit well, and how to coach good sitting.

She will use a model horse skeleton to illustrate some facets of good horse biomechanics. Her presentations will highlight ways of improving your effectiveness both as a learner and as a coach, showing how the mysteries of talent are dissolved by understanding and recognizing good rider biomechanics, and by appreciating how people learn. This clarity makes riding skills both more teachable and more learnable.

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