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Rights of Way Level 2 Training - Video Conference

23 Feb 2020


Knowing the law on UK roads and minor highways (byways, bridleways and footpaths) is important for all horse owners and riders. Access training days are a great way of learning all about the law and issues around your rights to ride and carriage drive.

Training is essential for BHS Access and Bridleways Officers; however, members of: The BHS, BHS Equestrian Access Groups, British Riding Clubs and British Driving Society would find the information useful too, as well as other members of the public interested in rights of way.

Training is £10 for members of the public and a discounted rate of £5 to members of the above mentioned groups.

Video conference
Video conference courses comprise three modules of approximately 1.5 hours with breaks between, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or earlier depending on agreed length of breaks).

Training by video conference saves you travel time, cost and reduces environmental impact, and helps us to make training accessible to more people when bookings for local venues are too few to be viable events.

Equipment Ideally, you need a computer or tablet with microphone, speakers and webcam, but if you do not have these devices you can also join by phone and view material on your computer rather than video link. Full instructions will be provided.

If you have not tried video conferencing before (same principle as Skype or FaceTime), comments from other participants have been:

  • "It was as good as being in a room together."
  • "I wasn’t sure initially about the conference call, having not participated in one before, but it was very easy to get online and involved and I quickly forgot we weren’t all in a room."


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