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BHS South West Wales Committee present “Get Your Horse Vet Ready”

28 Oct 2020

An Online talk by Jenni Nellist BSc(Hons) MSc via Starleaf.

Difficult or even dangerous to vet? Most equine vets have been injured by their client’s horses, often significantly enough to require time off work.

It’s our role as horse owners to present our horses to our vet in as safe a manner as possible and with some extra know-how and preparation time it is possible to train horses to cooperate in their own veterinary care, and avoid the potential embarrassment of being the owner of the horse who broke the vet.

Taking inspiration from the zoo animal world as well as careful consideration of the horse’s experience, including a trauma informed approach, most basic veterinary interventions can be broken down into bite-sized chunks that even the most difficult or traumatised horses can learn to cooperate with. Let Jenni be your guide as she breaks down the process for you in this video packed introductory evening where she’ll show you how to apply horse psychology and learning to teach horses how to stand for injections, cooperate with mouth and eye examinations, accept touch (even where it hurts), and to accept oral medications.

Jenni Nellist BSc(Hons) MSc has been helping the partnership between horses and their people thrive safely since 2005. Formerly a Blue Cross groom, Jenni is now an Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist, one of a few in the UK to specialise in horses. Working here in South West Wales and along the M4 corridor and the Border Counties, Jenni helps horse owners struggling with their equine’s behaviour to solve those problems on veterinary referral, using a robust assessment approach to fully understand the horse’s behaviour: motivationally, socially and emotionally.

With a firm understanding of the individual horse a bespoke behaviour plan is created with maximum input from the owner, who is then coached through each step of the process, celebrating each success on the way. Jenni also contributes to veterinary journals and conferences, Your Horse and Horse and Rider Magazines, and provides training and mentoring for trainees in clinical equine behaviour as well as behavioural support to equine welfare organisations. 

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Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: £5

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