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Dealing with Difficult Conversations - a CPD topic for coaches and yard managers

7 Mar 2022

Dealing with Difficult Conversations - a CPD topic for coaches and yard managers. As a coach or a yard manager in the equestrian world, we can frequently be faced with difficult conversations and tricky topics that need to be handled sensitively yet firmly. How do you handle situations such as...

  • over- or underweight horses
  • young riders who have outgrown their ponies
  • riders who are an unsuitable size for the horse or pony they are riding
  • ill-fitting tack
  • over-horsed riders
  • mildly lame horses where the rider is unaware
  • riders wanting to enter competitions they aren't ready for

In many cases, you will be faced with denial or debate and there may be many reasons why the problem doesn't get resolved and you keep coming back to the same thing at each lesson. As a business operator, how do you handle the difficult conversations to ensure the problem is addressed and the horse's welfare is improved whilst making sure you retain your client and that they don't take the horse, with the same problems, to the next yard or coach?

Our three presenters have between them several decades of experience handling difficult situations in their careers with roles including RSPCA Chief Inspector, BHSII coach, yard manager in the UK and overseas... they've dealt with all manner of difficult conversations and been trained how to do so safely and successfully. In this two-hour workshop we'll discuss lots of different scenarios and your ideas on how to handle them, taking in to account factors such as how to deal with different personality types, the fact there may be other people involved besides the rider, different reasons that could be behind the situations, client retention, the difference between a regular client and a one-off clinic attendee, body language, considering what else might be going on in people's lives that impacts on their equestrian life... the whole kit and kaboodle!

This course is certified as CPD for BHS Accredited Professional Coaches and is worth 2 CPD points.

This event will be live online. A recording will be made available to all ticket-holders for a seven day duration after the event, so if you cannot attend at the time simply buy your ticket and watch later.

Time: 7pm - 9pm

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