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BHS Stage 4 and 5 Care Day

14 May 2021


Conformation and Movement:

Do you need more practice observing and discussing both static and dynamic conformation? A ‘hands on practical’ 2 hr session looking at a wide range of horses – assessing both positive and negative influences in their conformation. Help given throughout.

Assessing age by Teeth:

One hour to look at many different horses to assess and discuss ageing by teeth. Help given.

Transporting Horses and understanding Brexit:

Demo/Talk by expert equine transport Vet Travelling for competition or importing/exporting – how will the rules minimise disease transmission?

Needles and syringes:

Demo/talk by expert Vet Understanding vaccinations – routine, FEI and for breeding stock. Do you know the differing types of injections and their reasons for use? – all the pros and cons on this - how to do it safely should your vet instruct you to do so. Understanding sampling - blood test results, their role in diagnosis of common conditions and terminology used.

Tack Fitting including Double Bridle:

Demo/Talk by expert saddle fitter. One hour to go through Saddle fitting and a discussion on broken trees, assessing saddles and what is currently on the market.

Bandaging – Knee and Hock:

Will your bandaging help or hinder? A demonstration and the opportunity to practice, practice, practice! Stage 4 – demonstrating efficient bandaging and reasons for use Stage 5 - an opportunity to be assessed in your delivery of a practical coaching session to Stage 4 level.

Cost: £75 per person

Time: 10am – 3pm

Download the poster (pdf)

For more details, please contact Moorcroft Equine Rehabilitation Centre

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