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Equine welfare cases - from reporting to rehoming

26 Nov 2020

Equine Welfare Cases - the ins and outs, from reporting to rehoming.

All you need to know about equine welfare with Dawn Avery, BHS Welfare Field Officer, Penny Baker, World Horse Welfare Field Officer, Abigail Leach and Lauren Bush, Blue Cross Horse Rehoming:

  • What IS a welfare case?
  • What should and shouldn't you do when you see a horse in need?
  • When you've reported the concern, what happens next?
  • The role of education in both prevention and cure - ignorance can often be the cause of problems.
  • What can legally be done to remove a horse from a situation?
  • What happens after a horse is taken in to care? Where does it go, and what happens next?
  • What is the legal process, how are cases prosecuted?
  • Rehabilitation work and the rehoming process.

We'll explain all this, bust some myths and answer your questions!

Time: 8pm - 9.30pm

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