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CANCELLED: Rider Biomechanics with Mary Wanless

20 July 2020

Mary Wanless, a BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach, figured out the biomechanics of riding long before biomechanics became an everyday term and, equally importantly, developed a way to break down the required skills and teach them to others!

This training day looks at the whats and whys of rider biomechanics, and at the hows of teaching them to everyday riders.

We'll look at all sorts during this fascinating day: use of language and impact on learning and understanding; accessing core strength; breaking 'talent' down in to it's component parts and making it learnable. Using some guinea pig horse and rider combinations, we'll see some rider realignments - from the rider's habitual position to optimum biomechanical position - and look at the effect this has on their horses. There may also be the chance to have a realignment yourself (sitting on a static saddle).

The training day is open to all, and counts as CPD for BHS Accredited Professional Coaches (anyone wishing to use the day as CPD for a different governing body should check with that organisation whether it will be accepted).

Cost: £40 (BHS Accredited Professional Coaches £35)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

For more details, please contact Hannah Marsh

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