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Sunday 15 May 2022 | 10 am - 2 pm | Warminster Saddle Club

This exciting new competition combines the arena disciplines of the Control of Pacesand traditional TREC obstacles**, both ridden and led, but without any scary jumps. From the arena, you’ll then test yourself and your horse with real life obstacles*** that you’d normally find out hacking, in the safe environment of a private and secluded road with the emphasis on safe riding on the road.

This is an ideal introduction for anyone who would enjoy the taste of the friendly sport of TREC and a good training ground for the young or inexperienced horse or pony or novice rider. Individual start times will be sent out nearer to the event. There will be a dedicated surfaced warm-up area. There will be rosettes to 6th place and amazing prizes to third place, including gift vouchers and a flight in a light aircraft!

*Control of Paces involves riding twice along a 2m wide corridor, marked with sand, poles or cones, once in canter and once in walk. The aim is to go as slowly as possible in canter and as fast as possible in walk. Riders are timed at each pace, and points are deducted for breaking pace and going outside the marked corridor.

**Traditional TREC obstacles including: Corridor (Ridden), Rein Back, Immobility and Mounting.

***Real life obstacles including: Dismounting on the Road, Leading In-Hand and Passing a Parked Vehicle, and to finish a couple of simple questions to test your knowledge of riding on the road and hacking out in general.

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