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Equine Biomechanics - An Evening with Dorothy Marks

5 Apr 2022 19:00 - 21:00

Join us for what will be an informative and educational evening for all equestrians.

This talk will explain how the anatomy of the horse affects it's way of going and how, by understanding how the horse's skeleton and muscles work, we can achieve the right way of working a horse leading to the ultimate goal, collection in self carriage.

Dorothy Marks BSc, DC, AMC is a Chiropractor, with a focus on horses, a ‘Ride With Your Mind’ rider, biomechanics coach and classical riding instructor. Dorothy has spent many years studying saddle fitting and has a special interest in anatomy and biomechanics, so all about posture and movement in both horses and humans.


Advance/online bookings - £7.50 per person

On the night - £10 per person


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