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Equestrian Access Training (Scotland) Legal Framework for Access in Scotland

9 Feb 2022 19:00 - 20:00

Anyone interested in equestrian access and BHS Access reps old and new, can now avail themselves with bright modern virtual training in a brand new four session programme designed to increase understanding of the legislation and produce enthusiastic and effective access reps who are supported and enjoy improving equestrian access in their area.

The four session, with supporting documentation are titled:

Legal framework for access in Scotland                                       9.2.22

Dealing with problems                                                              23.2.22

Equestrian access through woods and forests in Scotland               9.3.22

Maintaining and improving equestrian access                               23.3.22

All sessions are delivered by BHS consultant Vyv Wood Gee and the surrounding discussion and sharing of experiences adds an extra dimension.
The BHS works in partnership with many stakeholders and advocates multi-use access and well as education for horse riders in being responsible.

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