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'No Pain? Check Again' Dentistry (Talk Virtual)

11 Oct 2021

‘No Pain? Check Again' Dentistry Talk (Virtual)

Monday 11 October 2021 7pm via Microsoft Teams

Join BHS Strathclyde and James Risk of Glasgow Equine Hospital & Practice for a FREE virtual evening to find out all about the BHS equine dental project ‘No Pain? Check Again’ – a joint project in partnership with Equine Dental Clinic.

• Horses Evolved to Chew

• Why regular dental checks are so important and who to contact

• Clinical signs of dental problems

• Is your horse trying to tell you something?

• Dental care for the older horse

• Equine dentistry – is there a link to performance?

• What should happen at the dental examination

• How bad can it get?

• What should I do now?

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