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Training for Trust - Clinic with Mounted Police Trainer Lindsay Gaven

27 Mar 2022

Lindsay Gaven is a National Mounted Police Advanced Instructor and Assessor, and BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship.

“I work with various types of horses every day in my profession as a mounted police trainer and also as a BHS freelance coach, there is no such thing as a bomb proof horse, but there is a horse which is well trained that you know well. There will always be something your horse doesn’t like but if you train your horse well and consistently, they will answer any question you ask.”

Every situation you face with your horse is a training opportunity, with Lindsay's expert help, she will show you how to improve communication between you and your horse which will grow your trust in each other.

These training sessions we are offering for you and your horse will identify your strengths and opportunities to develop your training to help your horse respond positively in any situation.

Handling from the ground is a very useful skill when carried out effectively as it builds a positive relationship when riding your horse. Lindsay will work with you and your horse to help you to identify and understand your horses’ patterns of behaviour. Her police horse training is routed in understanding the horses innate responses and building strong trusting partnerships with them. This helps the horses she works with to listen and trust her when in uncertain or new situations.

45mins Semi-Private - £35
30mins Private - £45 

Sun 27 Mar 2022 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT


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