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Isle of Man Welfare Week: "Weigh While You Wait" at MHC team dressage

23 Apr 2022

Saturday 23 April | 10 am - 3 pm

Are you going to MHC team dressage at Kennaa EC and want to get your horses weighed?

The BHS team will be there with our weigh bridge and lorry so it's a great opportunity to pop over, get your horse weighed and have a chat, while you wait for your class or results. 

There are many benefits in knowing the accurate weight of your horses, including being able to monitor their general health, helping to double check your horse is still getting accurate feed quantities, and being able to administer the correct amount of medication, supplements and wormer. This could potentially saving you some money by knowing the correct feed and supplement quantities.

Weigh while you wait poster

BHS Isle of Man Welfare Week 2022 

We've put together several events across the week covering a range of equine welfare topics. Take a look at the events we have planned and find out more information below.

To see further details for the events going on click here

Isle of Man Welfare Week schedule of six events: 19 April Balanced feeding, 21 April Equine first aid, 21 April Hoof Health, 22 April Chip and go day, 22 April Behind the scenes of equine welfare, 23 and 24 April weigh while you wait

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