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'Equine end of life' Virtual Event

18 Mar 2021 19:00 - 21:00

‘Equine End of Life’ Virtual Event

As the UK's largest equine Charity, The BHS works tirelessly to address welfare concerns, educating owners and improving the lives of horses and ponies. We work alongside rescue and rehoming charities such as The RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, Blue Cross, Red Wings and many other local charities to improve equine welfare.

There are many reasons why a horse may have to be euthanised, including illness, an accident, change in owner’s circumstances or because old age has led to their quality of life deteriorating. The loss of a horse has an enormous effect on their caregiver’s life and putting a horse to sleep is something that many horse owners will have to face at some point when owning or caring for a horse, pony or donkey. The focus of this virtual event is to provide information, planning and guidance for horse owners on the many aspects of euthanasia including; decision making, euthanasia approaches, post-euthanasia decisions and the support mechanisms available.

A live question and answer session from industry professionals will provide you with an opportunity to answer your questions about equine end of life care, to ensure you are as fully informed as possible for when the time comes.

Speakers include Cathy Hyde, our BHS Welfare Field Officer, covering the North West of England. Cathy has been with the BHS for almost three years having previously worked for the RSPCA for 18 years as a Chief Inspector with a specialist equine focus. She has over 20 years extensive experience working in Equine Welfare and actively investigates welfare concerns.

Also joining us is Veterinarian Dr. Suzanne Green who will be outlining the influences behind your decision for end of life and the euthanasia options available to ensure that you are fully informed. Suzanne has a passion for equine welfare, initially starting out as a routine vet at equine charity World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm in Somerset, Suzanne went on to work with the RSPCA’s ambulatory services and continues to work with Bransby Horses, World Horse Welfare, The Donkey Sanctuary and more recently with the SSPCA. She has lectured at Liverpool Veterinary School regarding welfare work with the RSPCA and has recently been involved with the training of trainee RSPCA inspectors at regional headquarters in Shrewsbury. In 2019 Suzanne was awarded the BEVA Equine Welfare Award sponsored by Blue Cross for her tireless veterinary work to improve equine welfare.

Jane Rockingham of Equine End of Life Service will discuss collection service options and our BHS Friends at the End team will discuss the support options available to horse owners through the difficult process of saying goodbye.

*Please be aware that some content of this presentation may not be suitable for young children as they may find images distressing and parental discretion is advised*

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