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Weight Aids Workshop

19 Nov 2019

Join us for ‘Sylvia Loch’s Balance and Body Workshop’

Claire Whitfield will be running the workshop.  Claire is an experienced and highly respected Classical Riding Instructor and an accredited Weight Aids Instructor – the first instructor to be trained by Sylvia Loch!

The Workshop will help you to become more in tune with yourself and understand just how subtle the aids needed to be for them to be effective. The Workshop is unmounted! Everything we do on the ground is similar to what we can do in the saddle, we can move forwards, backwards, sideways, we can halt and we can skip.

Learn how we can use subtle weight aids to communicate clearly to our horse through various exercises on the ground, exploring how we naturally work with gravity and how we can transfer this into the saddle and to our horse.

For more information about Claire, please visit her website

All welcome.

Time: 7pm and finish at 9.30pm.

Cost: £20 payable in advance by bank transfer.

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