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How to Access Online Training as an Attendee

10 Jan 2022 - 27 May 2022

The British Horse Society Ireland is delighted to be able to offer an online course entitled How to Access Online Training as an Attendee

This course is available on demand.

This course is the first of a series of four online IT based training courses which provides the information and tools to ensure we are working to our best advantage.

About the Training Course
This course will include:-

Learn how best to work with Starleaf, Teams, Zoom and Google Meet

This online course will be delivered by
Gemma Goodrich,BSc Hons Interactive Multimedia Design, Diploma in Industrial Studies, Certificate in Teaching, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Further Education)

Gemma worked in industry for Intel and Citigroup as a Software Engineer before moving into Education as a Lecturer in 2009.
She is now a Lecturer in Computing and specialises in the delivery of Software Development and Database Systems to Degree level students.
Throughout the COVID pandemic Gemma engaged in online delivery and assessment with students in practical computing subjects.
Gemma Goodrich is also a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach (BHS APC Stage 4 Senior Coach in Eventing, UKCC L2, IGEQ Intl L1)

The Date: This course is available on demand

The Cost:- £10 per person

The link to view this workshop will be emailed to you following booking completion.

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