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BHS Ireland presents Talk 4 of a Series of four talks on Bits and Bitting "All about Bits and Bitting – The Double Bridle”

1 Mar 2021 19:30 - 21:00

Talk Four of a Series of four talks on Bits and Bitting

 “All about Bits and Bitting – The Double Bridle”

An online presentation by Hilary Vernon

Monday, 1 March 2021

7.30pm to 9pm

Cost £10 

You will learn about:-

The make-up of the double bridle
How does it work
Why do we use it
When and how to introduce
How to fit it
What is suitable for: First Double Bridle bits 
What is suitable for: More advanced Training 
What is suitable for: Re Bitting for a Challenged Horse 
Training techniques to make the choice a good one 

A question and answer session will be available at the end of the presentation.

This event will take place over Starleaf. 

Instructions on how to join will be emailed to attendees in advance of the event. 

Continual Professional Development (CPD)
This training session will count as 1.5 hours of CPD for BHS Accredited Professional Coaches, 1 CPD point for Horse Sport Ireland Coaches.

The information contained will be important for all equestrians and will benefit those preparing for all levels of BHS Stages Qualifications, BHS Challenge Awards, Pony Club Tests.

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Personal Profile
Hilary Vernon came up through the Pony Club competing her own ponies and then Horses  in various disciplines. She took exams and courses in Horsemanship and her BHSAI examination passing with distinction.

Hilary started her working career free lance teaching and then ran an Equestrian Training Establishment. Then she entered the retail trade by managing two busy Equestrian Retail outlets over a 20 year period, while competing her own Horses.

After much research she set up one of the first Bit Banks in the U.K and ran it very successfully for many years, gaining a tremendous enthusiasm and knowledge for Bitting, Bit related problems and Bit Design. Through all this experience Hilary has a well rounded and sound knowledge of Horse Equipment and Training.

Hilary is the author of "The Allen Illustrated Guide to Bits and Bitting", "The Allen Illustrated Guide to Training Aids" and "The Allen Illustrated Guide to Horse Clothing" and "The Allen Illustrated Guide to Saddlery" 

She is in the process of writing a second Bitting Book and a Carriage Horse Harness Book 

After being invited out to America in 2002 to work with the Myler Brothers, and through working with them over here in the U.K Hilary was made the Myler Clinician for the U.K and Europe. This really complimented the work that Hilary had already established here in the U.K She has over the last 18 years worked as an independent Bitting Clinician travelling over the U.K and parts of Europe lecturing and demonstrating on the art of Bitting.

Hilary has her own Range of Bits and Saddles under her label Informed Designs and then to add variety to the bits she carries has Myler Bomber Rotary and Happy mouth Bits on her van 

She has also appeared on Horse and Country TV on the Team Fredericks series as a Bitting and Saddle Fitting Consultant and in the British Equestrian Trade Show programme when her new Bit range was launched at the BETA trade Fair.

Hilary carries on training with Matt Hicks and is a member of West Oxfordshire Riding Club and goes to as many rallies and competitions that she can with Gordon 

Hilary's philosophy...
I had the great good fortune to have all my early lessons in Horsemanship and Riding given by very traditional patient people for whom the Horse always came first and the Rider second. I hope that has set me in good stead for my own career.

I have ended up Bitting Horses for a living as a natural progression to all the work I have done and all the information I have collected on the subject over the years. And I might add am still collecting and never cease to continue to learn more as I go onwards and hopefully upwards!

I think finding the right bit for your horse should be a blend of taking the time to seek obedience through correct schooling and the right degree of control, tempered with understanding on the owner's part of the horse's mind set, welfare and structural comfort.

I really enjoy working with Horses and their owners and am just as thrilled to get good results from Horses that Hack to top Competition Horses.

I have Bitted Horses following the work of Equine Dentists and Veterinary Surgeons and Equine Therapists liaising with them to continue the recovery of individual cases.

My work helping with communication in the schooling programmes of Horses with behavioural problems is one of the most rewarding.

In short I just want to help people to bit Horses to the best of their capabilities not to sell bits for the sake of a sale, as most of my clients so far I'm sure will agree.

It is really a dream job to get paid to spend most days with Horses and their owners, the only down side is all the travelling!

We do not bit to hurt but to handle.

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