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The Psychology of Horsemanship Webinars with Claire Lilley

28 Sept 2020

There are fundamental elements which constitute Horsemanship: mental, physical and spiritual. As human beings wanting to bond with our horses, we must use all our available skills: our senses, our intelligence, our physical body awareness and intuition. Horses are better at doing this than we are, so there is a lot for us to learn from our equine partners.

Historically, horsemanship is about developing the partnership between horse and rider. It is about developing mutual trust, respect and understanding and love: the foundations of a rock-solid relationship.

Webinar Format: The webinars are run on Zoom, numbers are strictly limited enabling live participation and discussion. All start at 7pm and last an hour.

There are three parts in this series:

24 Aug: Part 1: Equine Psychology - Understanding the horse. Hosted by BHS Herts, Co-hosted by the other Counties and The East Region

The horse's senses, primary responses and emotion.

As mammals, both horses and humans have the same senses and the same processing system. Understanding how a horse senses his world helps us to understand his reactions and behaviour. which is essential to building a relationship between human and horse. Horses are sensitive and perceptive, noticing our reactions and behaviour too, how we react to them affects how they react to us. This webinar gives an overview of the senses and how they relate to our partnership with them.

7 Sept: Part 2: Training Psychology - Understanding yourself. Hosted by BHS Suffolk, Co-hosted by the other Counties and The East Region

The rider's communication, training and learning from past experiences.

Horses notice every movement we make, and understanding how the horse reads us goes a long way to being able to communicate back. Understanding ourselves as human beings, our individuality, helps us to understand how we come across to the horse.

28 Sept: Part 3 Relational Psychology - Understanding the partnership. BHS Essex, Co-hosted by the other Counties and Region

The goals, the development and the challenges faced in successful horsemanship.

Being 'in the zone' when with a horse is the ability to be genuine and honest. If the rider is able to feel totally at ease with themselves, 'comfortable in their own skin', they are able to build a long-lasting bond with the horse as a partner. The relationship is about being able to know what the horse needs, what he is feeling, to have a sense of what to do and when, and trust in their own ability to be spontaneous.

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The sessions costs £10 and can be booked online


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