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Sue Gould-Wright presents 'The Anatomical Approach to Riding'

28 Jan 2019 19:00 - 21:00

BHS Suffolk hosts an interactive evening with Sue Gould-Wright of Equestrian Pilates - Schooling for the Rider presents a 2 hour lecture/demo on 'The Anatomical Approach to Riding'

As a life-long riding enthusiast with years of experience working with equestrians of all disciplines and riding levels Sue takes an anatomical approach to assessing and improving your riding position.

With over a decade of experience in human biomechanics her approach to your riding tuition is different than your average riding lesson; the interaction of horse and rider are at the forefront of Sue’s work with the health, physical wellbeing and longevity of the ridden career of both being the main priority, along with the clarity of the ‘conversation’ between the partnership.

During this 2 hour session you will learn how your body influences (not always for the better) your horse's, where precisely your core muscles are and how to wake them up, which muscles like to overwork and cause imbalance in the rider and so much more! You will work through lots of exercises which you can do anywhere - on the yard or at home - with no need for mats and equipment.

This is a very interactive demo - lots of 'doing' and not too much sitting/listening.

Tickets & booking

£15 per person with only 20 spaces available booking in advance. Also payable on door. 

To book tickets and more information contact Carolyn Hickman

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