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The BHS on Tour | Cavan Agenda


Time Title Presenter Description
TBA Use your body to get more out of your horse Yogi Briesner MBE FBHS Yogi will work with recreational riders to encourage them to rely less on hand aids and to use body weight and balance to influence their horses’ way of going. He will demonstrate exercises that you can use in your own riding sessions to help boost your confidence and sharpen your aids.
TBA Horses for courses David Ingle & Cathy Hyde supported by Dengie Feeds David and Cathy will delve into the world of equine fitness, feeding and conformation. They will explain the requirements needed for different disciplines such as showing, dressage, jumping and pleasure riding.
TBA Use your brain to get more out of your horse Yogi Briesner MBE FBHS People often forget that riding is 50% physical and 50% mental. Whether you’re trying to learn something new, improve your performance as a rider, build your confidence or train your horse to go better, using your mind in a positive, considered way will fast track you to get positive results. Yogi will demonstrate some exercises to help you spice up your schooling using poles, both on the ground and slightly raised. He will give you ideas to help improve your straightness and balance which can be translated to use over fences.
TBA There’s more to live than 20 metre circles Brendan Bergin Stage 5 Performance Coach In conjunction with BHS staff from our Access and Safety departments, Brendan will introduce training strategies to deal with everyday obstacles and occurrences you may find whilst riding outside of an arena.
TBA Performance under pressure Corinne Bracken Corinne will work with recreational riders to develop confidence and coping strategies in both horses and riders when out competing in the early days. Using a course of show jumps, she will encourage them to become aware of what they can control and minimise the impact of what they can’t control.
TBA Learn from the best Corinne Bracken Corinne will work with professional riders to demonstrate what can be achieved through training and hard work and use some exercises that can be adapted to be used by the ‘everyday’ horse and rider in their training.
TBA Closing remarks
TBA Yogi Breisner and Corinne Bracken Meet the presenters

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