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Stage 3 - Riding Out

Stage 3 Riding Out provides a benchmark within the equine industry for those who would like to work in a commercial equestrian environment.

  • Last reviewed: 21st March 2023
Stage 3 Riding Out Stage 3 Riding Out

Alongside taking care of horses, staff and clients, this award will provide you with the knowledge of accepted protocols within a commercial environment, which includes the responsibility of a centre in the owner’s absence. 

This assessment will allow you to demonstrate through practical tasks an industry required level of competence and autonomy, to enable you to enter a more senior role within a commercial equestrian business. 

What's covered in the unit?

On completion of the unit, you will: 

  • Be able to manage your work safely and efficiently, while undertaking a higher level of responsibility 
  • Show the application of skills and knowledge which relate to the care and management of horses, clients and training of staff through a range of tasks with minimal supervision 
  • Be able to lead a group of riders on a long ride out, which may include breaks or an overnight stop 
  • Be able to select and use relevant equipment and manage your use of time according to industry practice
What will you be assessed on?
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of a Stage 3 Trail Leader 
  • Be able to plan an extended ride with a duration of more than four hours 
  • Lead a ride with a dismounted break 
  • Be able to prepare a group of riders for an extended ride 
  • Be able to train an escort to ride and lead another rider 
  • Be able to train others to escort a ride 
  • Be able to assess a horse's suitability for trekking 
  • Evaluate own performance 

Download the full assessment criteria to review the learning outcomes in more detail.

How will you be assessed?

Up to a four-hour criteria-based assessment.

Entry requirements
  • A minimum age of 18 years 
  • BHS Stage 2 Ride Leader 

The following certificates are co-requisites and are required to be completed and up to date to be awarded the Stage 3 Riding Out: 

  • Stage 3 Care can be completed on the day of the Ride Leader assessment 
Skills record

Supporting you at every stage, your Skills Record allows you to record your achievements and progression through your career, with pre-assessment sign off criteria and coach endorsements required for career pathways. 

Pre-assessment criteria and coach endorsement for this assessment include: 

  • Ready for assessment form completed – compulsory 
  • Skill – Lead a ride with a dismounted break – compulsory 
  • Skill – Train others to escort a ride – compulsory 
  • Session plan for the ride and lead training session 
  • A risk assessment for the ride and lead training session 

The above must be signed off by an Accredited Professional Coach who holds a minimum of the Stage 3 Riding Out, or Stage 4 Senior Coach. We recommend using our lesson plan templates to assist you in completing your plans. 

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