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Stable Managers

BHS Stable Managers requires significant experience and knowledge in all aspects of horse care.

  • Last reviewed: 4th August 2022
Stable Managers Stable Managers

This qualification will only be delivered to learners that have started the qualification and need to complete. This will be reviewed regularly and an end-date to the qualification announced soon.

You will need to demonstrate competence in managerial practices and understand how to efficiently run an equestrian establishment. Stable Managers also seeks to assess your competence in conveying your knowledge to others.

What’s covered in this section?

In this section, you will be assessed on: 

  • Feeding and fittening of horses and competence in handling fit horses 
  • Veterinary, saddlery and practical coaching skills 
  • Business management and presentation skills 
  • Your ability to assess static and dynamic conformation of horses and action for purchase 
  • Your ability to assess conformation of breeding stock and evaluate grassland management 
  • Your coaching practice and ability to advise a BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship in their teaching of horse conformation 

Section 3 - Presentations and Business Management (Page 9 of syllabus) will be delivered via video call assessment. 

Entry requirements
  • A minimum age of 18 years 
  • BHS Stage 4 Senior Care (Unit 1) and BHS Stage 4 Senior Management (Unit 2)
  • BHS Gold membership – Membership discounts apply for learners who are training for or taking BHS qualifications  
  • International students should be either International Full or International E-Members
What will you be assessed on?

You will be assessed on the following subject matter: 

  • Feeding and fittening 
  • Veterinary, saddlery and practical coaching skills 
  • Presentations and business management  
  • Static and dynamic assessment of conformation and action for purchase 
  • Static assessment of conformation of breeding stock, coaching conformation and grassland management 

You will be assessed on the following learning outcomes: 

  • Show practical competence when handling a variety of horses 
  • Show practiced efficiency when working on a stable yard 
  • Show developed interpersonal skills in a discussion situation 
  • Show developed knowledge across the range of subject matter 
  • Show understanding of practical application of knowledge  
  • Show ability to give clear instructions to assistants 
  • Show ability to present knowledge to educate others 
  • Show developed coaching skills across a range of practical stable management topics 
  • Show awareness of personal limitations and ability to develop 

Download the full assessment criteria to review the learning outcomes in more detail (see pages 3 - 12). 

How will you be assessed?
  • Sections 1, 2, 4a and 4b will be up to a four hour criteria based assessment at a BHS Assessment Centre 
  • Section 3 will be assessed via video call assessment. We recommend you have an up-to-date web browser and have 10Mb download and 5Mb upload speed to work well. We recommend going to and running a quick test to understand how good your connection is. If you have poor connection on the day of the assessment the assessor may stop your assessment and you would risk losing your fee.  
  • The video assessment will be led by a BHS Assessor 
  • Upon booking your assessment you will be emailed instructions for how to join the video assessment 
Additional training information

Please note the following: 

  • You cannot take Performance Coach (BHSI) assessments at a centre you currently work in or have worked in in the last 12 months. 
  • You cannot take Performance Coach (BHSI) assessments at a centre that you have regularly trained at in the last six months- a maximum of one days trainings every two month is allowed (please note this has been relaxed to a maximum of one days training every month during the Covid period). 
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