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Horse health

Horses cannot simply tell you if they are unwell. Instead, they rely on you to pick up on any signs of illness or injury and then react to prevent them from becoming worse.

  • Last reviewed: 19th July 2022
Horse Heads Out Of Stable Horse Heads Out Of Stable

This award focuses on building your skills and knowledge in monitoring horses’ health, preventing health issues, and responding to any health concerns that arise.

By completing this award, you will learn about:

  • Routine health checks
  • When to call a vet
  • How to identify lameness
  • Common health conditions
  • Wounds
  • Bandaging
  • Basic treatments
The full checklist
  • I can describe six health conditions that can affect horses
  • I can describe how to stop bleeding
  • I can list three situations where the vet should be called urgently
  • I can describe why vaccination is important
  • I can describe worm control methods
  • I can demonstrate/describe how to give a wormer to a horse
  • I can demonstrate how to:
    • Apply stable bandages
    • Apply a bandage over a wound
    • Apply a figure of eight bandage on a hock or knee
  • I can list five items in a first aid kit and describe their use
  • I can explain why new horses to a yard should be quarantined
  • I can explain why you would use a poultice
  • I can describe how to prepare a wet poultice and how to apply it
  • I can give reasons for and demonstrate how to:
    • Tub
    • Cold hose
  • I can give reasons why a horse might be on box rest
  • I can describe how to care for a horse on box rest

How to get involved

Challenge awards are open to anyone who would like to improve their horse knowledge or skills; you do not have to be a BHS member to take part.

If you have your own horse

Courses are delivered by an Accredited Professional Coach. Your coach can come to your livery yard or British Riding Club grounds. 

Find a BHS Accredited Professional

If you do not own your own horse

Or you’re not sure if they would be suitable, don’t worry. There are BHS Approved Riding Centres throughout the UK that deliver challenge awards with their facilities and horses.  

You can achieve the challenge awards at your local Approved Centre where they will match you to a horse to ensure your lessons are suitable to your experience. 

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Get in touch

If you want to learn more about the Challenge Awards or if you have any questions, please complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.