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Coach - Jump Ride (Stage 3)

BHSQ Level 3 Coach - Jump Ride (Stage 3) demonstrates your ability to work in the industry as a coach, inspiring others through your modern teaching methods with a sound knowledge base to support your coaching.

  • Last reviewed: 24th February 2023
Coach In Complete Horsemanship Stage 3 Coach In Complete Horsemanship Stage 3

BHSQ Level 3 Coach - Jump Ride (Stage 3)

This career certificate demonstrates you have the practical skills and knowledge to support others to develop and reach their goals. Working in a commercial establishment, club environment or as a freelance coach, a Stage 3 Coach supports the development of a horse’s way of going, is able to provide initial dressage guidance and flatwork coaching, and help riders work over grids, small courses and cross-country fences.

You will also have the ability and experience to independently ride a variety of horses on the flat and over fences as well as look after and turn out the horses in your care. Within your own riding you will be developing your ability and experience riding over fences.

As a Stage 3 Coach, you can join the largest professional equestrian coaching body as a BHS Accredited Professional Coach. You will also be able to apply for an Equestrian Passport from the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ), making it easier to work internationally.

Entry requirements

Who is this qualification for?

  • Anyone aspiring to become a freelance coach
  • Anyone looking to become a BHS Accredited Professional Coach 


BHSQ Level 3 Coach –Jump Ride (Stage 3) is awarded upon achievement of four compulsory units:

Stage 3 Care

On completion of this unit, you will: 

  • Be assessed on your knowledge to manage day-to-day activity, care and welfare of horses under your responsibility, with an established awareness of current legislation for working within a stable yard environment
  • Show competence in understanding equine behaviour, physiology and measuring vital health signs 
  • Be assessed on recognising and treating common conditions and nutritional requirements of the horse, including assessment of condition and measurement of nutrition alongside fittening of the horse 
  • Be practically assessed on how to fit tack for both flatwork and jumping, in addition to the use of studs

Read more about BHS Stage 3 Care here.

Stage 3 Lunge

On completion of this unit, you will: 

  • Be assessed on handling tack and equipment, which will include a bridle, saddle, side reins, cavesson, lunge line and whip 
  • Be able to assess the horse and discuss its way of going, suggesting and demonstrating exercises to help the horse reach its potential 
  • Apply aids that are suitable to the horse’s status and reactivity

Read more about the Stage 3 Lunge unit here.

Stage 3 Ride Jump

On completion of the unit, you will: 

  • Have an understanding of the scale of training with jumping and be able to apply this knowledge 
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the horse’s performance, evaluate its way of going and determine an approach to maintain this way of going. You will be assessed on your ability to deliver aids to benefit the horse while taking account of forward movement, rhythm, bend and a working outline 
  • Be confident working over showjumps and cross-country fences. Showjumps may be up to one metre and cross country jumps up to 90 centimetres, showing a balanced seat when jumping single fences and related fences leading to a course of jumps

Read more about Stage 3 Ride Jump.

Stage 3 Coach

On completion of the unit, you will: 

  • Be able to deliver a flat lesson that would be suitable for someone hoping to compete in a novice or prelim dressage competition 
  • Be able to coach two riders over simulated cross-country fences including some of the more technical fences of an 80 centimetre course 
  • Have the skills to teach the basics of dressage, showjumping and cross-country riding disciplines to novice competitive riders, Pony Club members and riding school clients.

Read more about Stage 3 Coach unit here.

Training for this qualification

All applicants are encouraged to undertake practical training at a BHS Approved Centre or with a BHS Accredited Professional Coach to ensure you are ready for your assessment.

Booking your assessment

To book your assessment, please find an upcoming assessment date near you and then contact the BHS Education team to book your place.

You can find out more information about booking your assessment here.

Re-sitting your assessment

If you have been unsuccessful on your first assessment, we encourage you to call us to book a re-sit.

Of course, we will also answer any questions you may have and provide you with feedback at this stage. You may have been successful against some, but not all of the assessment criteria, in which case we can just assess you on the sections on which you were not so strong.

UCAS Tariff points

This qualification has been allocated a Tariff point value of 16.
Find out more about UCAS Tariff points here.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively you can call us on 02476 840508.

Career pathway:

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Coach - Jump Ride

BHSQ Level 3 Coach - Jump Ride (Stage 3) demonstrates your ability to work in the industry as a coach, inspiring others through your modern teaching methods with a sound knowledge base to support your coaching.

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