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Become a coach

Coaching is a very rewarding and fulfilling career, offering a range of opportunities working in a riding school or training centre with groups and/or individuals, as an employee or on a freelance basis.

Coaching Pathway Coaching Pathway

In terms of progression, becoming a coach can lead to senior management roles within an equestrian business, or even running your own yard or establishment. 

The BHS Pathways programme for coaches is a world-renowned scheme covering riding, care and stable management. Each element details what is involved in terms of skills and knowledge, entry requirements, costs, assessment criteria and processes – with plenty of video examples and testimonials from people who have successfully completed these qualifications. 

The Pathways programme is internationally recognised. Our Stage 3 Coach qualification allows you to apply for an Equestrian Passport from the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ). This means that your qualifications will be recognised and accepted in IGEQ member countries, making it easier to teach in other parts of the world (subject to national legal requirements).

Meet Adam


Meet Adam - a Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

Coach in Complete Horsemanship Pathway

Highly respected around the world as an achievement in Complete Horsemanship, this pathway supports the fundamental skills required to teach and coach from entry level up to professional and competitive equestrians in riding and horse management.

Find out more about the BHS Coach in Complete Horsemanship Pathway.

Career pathway:

Coaching Pathway

  • Stage 1

Complete Horsemanship

Stage 1 Complete Horsemanship provides an industry recognised foundation of practical knowledge in riding, care and stable management to progress through any career pathway.

  • Stage 2

Foundation Coach in Complete Horsemanship

BHSQ Level 2 Foundation Coach in Complete Horsemanship (Stage 2) provides a foundation in equine care and management, lungeing, riding on the flat and over fences and the initial principles of teaching and coaching.

  • Stage 3

Coach in Complete Horsemanship

BHSQ Level 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship demonstrates your ability to work in the industry as a coach.

  • Stage 4

Senior Eventing Coach

BHSQ Level 4 Senior Eventing Coach (Stage 4) celebrates your development in coaching both horses and riders in the equestrian industry with considerable knowledge of care and management, riding and coaching.

Dressage and Show Jumping Pathways

We understand that not all coaches wish to pursue a professional career within all disciplines. Perhaps you would like to follow our show jumping or dressage specific routes?

Coaching Pathway (Dressage)

BHS Coaching Pathway (Dressage) will develop your flatwork and support a career as a dressage rider

Find out more here.

Coaching Pathway (Show Jumping)

BHS Coaching Pathway (Show Jumping) will develop your jump work and support a career focussed on showjumping.

Find out more here.

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A career in the equestrian industry can be very rewarding and lead to extraordinary experiences. The BHS Coaching Pathways offer you the opportunity to progress your career, learning practical, real-world skills within a structured platform. Potential coaching careers include working at Riding schools with individuals and groups, becoming a freelancing or discipline specific trainer. As part of the journey, we’re here to guide, advise and support you through every stage of your development.

Equestrian Careers Guide

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