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BRC BE Eventing Leagues

  • Last reviewed: 26th January 2023

British Riding Clubs and British Eventing Leagues

British Riding Clubs (BRC) offer exciting opportunities to BRC members competing with BE. Continuing for 2022 we will be running a league for all levels from BE80 to BE Intermediate. A cost of £6.50 per combination will be charged for the year to enter this league. This fee will cover all heights and can be paid over the phone or via the entry website - BRC Entry website

These leagues will be published on the BRC website and points will be awarded to all BRC members who complete in  all levels from BE80 – BE Intermediate excluding FEI *, ** and *** competitions or BE Championships.

BRC and BE will be awarding rosettes to 10th place. Prizes will be awarded in kind. 

If you are interested in registering for this league, please make payment on the BRC Entry website and include your horses BE Registered name in the comments box. Alternatively you can download the registration form and send to with confirmation of payment.

BRC BE League Results:

BE80 League - 

BE90 League - 

BE100 League - 

BE105 League - 

BE Novice League - 

BE Intermediate League - 

Disputes will be accepted in writing up to 10 days after the final results are posted.


Qualification criteria and League points allocation:

  • Points will be allocated to all BRC members who complete a BE at any level from BE80 up to BE Intermediate throughout the BE season (excluding FEI *, ** and *** and BE Championships) and have registered to enter into the league.
  • The top 15 placing’s will be numbered from 15 – 1 for points purpose. So if a BRC member came second in a section, they would get 14 points. If a BRC member came 15th in a section, they would get 1 point, etc.
  • Any BRC member that comes lower than 15th in a section, but completes the competition, will also get 1 point.

The closing date to opt in is 1st September 2022, any forms sent after this date will not be included and results will not be entered into the league.