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Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association

Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association - a BHS Affiliated Equestrian Access Group

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Cheshire, UK

About Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association

Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association was formed in 1991 and has worked with local authorities, landowners and other partners to lobby for rights of way improvements. They have been being instrumental in the creation of several promoted routes for riders and other users, including the Aston Ring, the Delamere Loop and the Oakmere Way and the production of promotional leaflets for these. Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association have researched lost routes to try and get these added to the Definitive Map. They also contribute to consultation documents including rights of way improvement plans, highway improvements and comment on planning applications involving equestrian access.

Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association work with Forestry England to improve equestrian access and safety and to improve the understanding of equestrian use of Delamere Forest, which lies in the centre of their area covered. Topics include signage, surfacing, horsebox parking, mounting blocks and reporting of issues.

Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association have obtained funding for minor access improvements such as gate latches and mounting blocks. The Association have arranged pleasure rides and over the last two years have organised several successful challenge rides to both raise funds and motivate riders to explore new routes.

Communication with members and the wider equestrian community is achieved through their very active Facebook group (over 500 members) and quarterly newsletters. They also respond to many bridleway enquiries through their website and Facebook page.

Area covered: The area of Cheshire from the Wirral to Chester, south to Nantwich and east as far as the M6.