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Bromley Bridleways Access Group

Bromley Bridleways Access Group - a BHS Affiliated Equestrian Access Group

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London, UK

About Bromley Bridleways Access Group (BBAG)

Bromley Bridleways Access Group (BBAG) was formed in 1976, when local development meant a loss of some rides and an increase in traffic on highways. This coupled with the incorrect recording of some bridle paths as footpaths means access for horses within the borough has become increasingly limited.

Nationally, many rights of way, blocked up during the second world war, have not been reopened. Historically, many public paths were privately maintained and as a result looked more like footpaths than bridleways. These should have been recorded but many have been omitted from the map. Very few county councils consulted historical records in any detail when assessing these but relied several decades later, on local volunteers. Most horse riders were not consulted and were unaware of the need to record these historic rights of way, and at the time there was no national or local organisations promoting and looking after their interests. As a result, many old bridleways and minor roads are not recorded, or have been incorrectly recorded as footpaths.

This failure to record bridleways and byways properly did not immediately prevent local riders from continuing to use them, but the fact they have not been recorded makes them very vulnerable to blocking up, overgrowth, lack of maintenance and downgrading. As a result over the last five decades, the network has shrunk and become disconnected.
We work alongside the British Horse Society, local landowners and Bromley Council to preserve the existing bridleways and byways throughout the London Borough of Bromley, and try ensure that other historic routes are recorded and listed. We need the support of ALL horse riders in the borough, and welcome supporters from cycling and rambling groups to keep local off road routes open, accessible to all and safe, now and in the future.

Area covered: Bromley, Kent

Learn more about Bromley Bridleways Access Group by visiting their website, or contact Caroline Foskett by email or call 07765 252428.