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Trustee Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of our recent trustee elections, and would like to congratulate Tim Lord, Sally McCarthy and Sarah Simpson on their re-election to our Board. We would also like to thank Dr Richard Adams, Sandra Morrison and Tracey Johnston for their participation in this year’s election.

The votes were as follows:

Generalist Trustee

Sally McCarthy | 984 votes | ELECTED
Tim Lord | 538 votes | ELECTED
Dr Richard Adams | 525 votes

Specialist Trustee for Education

Sarah Simpson | 712 votes | Elected
Sandra Morrison | 445 votes
Tracey Johnston | 192 votes

Tim Lord
 is a Generalist Trustee and currently serves as our Chairman until his term ends this September. Tim has 35+ years of experience in brand marketing through to CEO roles in major companies, he also has experience of building brands, achieving focus and developing business strategies to achieve long term goals. He has worked in the voluntary sector and has experience of fundraising and lobbying.

Sally McCarthy is also a Generalist Trustee and serves as our Vice-Chairman. Sally feels that the BHS has helped to shape her career through qualifications and professional development and is now delighted to have a good range of skills to give something back to the charity. She has extensive business and fundraising skills, having raised £2 million to build an equestrian centre.

Sarah Simpson is our Specialist Trustee for Education. Sarah’s first consideration when pursuing a career with horses was to become BHS qualified. Over a ten-year period, she progressed from BHSAI to BHSI. The structure and depth of the training provided a sound foundation on which to build a rewarding and successful career; this is something that Sarah would like to help the BHS promote.

We received one nomination for the role of Specialist Trustee for Access, so in accordance with the Society’s Articles of Association, Nicola Greenwood has been elected unopposed as Specialist Trustee for Access. Nicola has been a BHS member and coach for 30 years. By joining the Board, she aims to aid the BHS in raising the profile of horse riding as a vital part of the UK’s economy.

In welcoming Nicola to the Board, we thank Fran Mason, our outgoing Specialist Trustee for Access having completed her full term.

The members of the Board are:

  • Tim Lord – Chairman & Elected Generalist Trustee
  • Sally McCarthy – Vice-Chairman & Elected Generalist Trustee
  • The Rt. Hon. Dame Caroline Spelman DBE – Co-opted Specialist Trustee for Policy, Campaigning and Government Relations
  • Ken Law – Elected Specialist Trustee for Safety
  • Professor Tim Morris – Co-opted Specialist Trustee for Welfare
  • Sarah Simpson – Elected Specialist Trustee for Education
  • Sandra Harris – Elected Specialist Trustee for Business with Digital Knowledge
  • Kerryn Haynes – Elected Generalist Trustee
  • Karen Silcock – Elected Generalist Trustee with Financial Knowledge
  • Gill Longhurst – Elected Specialist Trustee for Volunteering
  • Beverley Simms – Co-opted Specialist Trustee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Nicola Greenwood – Elected Specialist Trustee for Access

Thank you to everyone who voted in the elections or nominated someone. Your participation helps make sure our Board truly represents our membership.