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The British Horse Society Highway Code Q&A Session on Facebook Live

BHS Safety Director Alan Hiscox and Television Presenter Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes hosted a Question & Answer session on Facebook Live on Tuesday 8th February 2022 about changes in the new Highway Code for equestrians.

The BHS Safety Team has been working with the Department for Transport, DVSA, Cycling UK and Living Streets since November 2018 to strengthen the Highway Code for vulnerable road users. Consequently, the safety of equestrians has been significantly improved but this would not have been possible without the BHS Safety team.

We know there has been a lot of information and ‘urban myth’ about the proposed changes to the Highway Code across social media and in the media. Let us dispel the myths for you.

Please note: We are aware that there has been some fraudulent activity linked to last night's Facebook Live Q&A session. We want to clarify that the BHS will NEVER request any form of payment to view our Facebook Live or YouTube content.

Please be cautious following any non-official links posted in the comments as they may lead you to fraudulent pages that may request your card details.

If you are requested to make a payment, please do not and leave the page.

If you entered card details to view the Live Q&A event, please contact your bank and discuss what happened with them directly.