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The BHS and BETA explain their safety reporting

Beta LogoThe British Horse Society (BHS) and the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) are calling on every equestrian to help improve safety across the sector by reporting all of their equine-related incidents and accidents. Collecting and recording information about events that negatively affect safety is a core part of both organisations’ drive to help create a safer environment for equestrians.

Increasing the number of events that are logged is a key priority for both the BHS and BETA, as more effective action can be taken with bigger and better data.

The BHS collects information about incidents concerning:

  • road/off-road vehicles (too fast or too close)
  • slippery road surfaces
  • low-flying aircraft and drone incidents
  • fireworks
  • dog attacks

in order to have factual data to underpin all the Society’s joint working and lobbying with MPs, road safety partnerships, the police and other safety organisations, with the objective of raising more awareness of the serious safety issues equestrians face.

BETA collects information relating to anyone experiencing an accident and injury around horses, in order to create a better understanding of what happens to hats and body protectors during an accident. This data will not only inform the future design of safety equipment, but will also feed into the safety standards that determine how these garments perform for riders, making equestrian sport safer for all.

For example, a rider who has unfortunately been involved in an incident with a car while out hacking that has also resulted in their injury, would report the details to both the BHS and BETA. To report an incident to the BHS, download the ‘Horse i’ app to your smartphone, or scan the QR code.

download the ‘Horse i’ app

To report an accident or injury to BETA, visit or scan the QR code:

report an accident or injury to BETA