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The BHS launches new horse owner education campaign – Stable Mates

The British Horse Society (BHS) have launched a new educational campaign, Stable Mates, which aims to help horse owners build and maintain a strong, equal partnership with their horse.

Stable Mates provides support, advice and resources from experts on key topics such as horse health, rider size and fitness, identifying behavioural changes and tack fit. The scheme also offers specially tailored services for BHS Approved Centres and their clients, in the form of Stables Mates Days.

The scheme was officially kicked off with an action-packed first Stable Mates Day at BHS Approved Bubbenhall Bridge Equestrian Centre Livery in Warwickshire in October.

Sarah Dale, Head of Business Support at the BHS, said: “We are really pleased that our pilot Stables Mates Day was a success. The event offered 10 horses and their owners from the Centre the chance to take part in equine weighing sessions, equine dentistry, saddle fitting and pilates classes, all delivered by professionals on-site. We aim to run more events like this at Approved Centres across the country. They offer hands-on support and ensure those important relationships between horses and their owners or riders stay on the right track.”

The BHS recognises the importance of building a relationship with your horse, meaning you can anticipate reactions and behaviours before they happen and develop a mutual understanding. Small changes can derail this stable relationship and cause problems for both horse and rider. Stable Mates focuses on the key elements that contribute towards this partnership and helps horse owners learn how to spot the signs that something isn’t quite right.

Read more information on Stables Mates and how to get involved here.