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Highway Code revisions welcomed by equestrians

As of the 29th January 2022 the highway code has been updated and vehicles must now pass horses at no more than 10mph. for more information on the new changes, visit the website

The guidance for motorists to pass horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles at speeds under 10 mph and allow at least two metres’ space is a significant strengthening to the latest edition of the Highway Code – The hard work from the Safety Team has been a success. The BHS is massively grateful to those members, volunteers and supporters who helped make the new guidelines a reality, undoubtedly making British roads safer. Thank you!

10 mph

However, there is still work to do! If anything, these changes have strengthened the safety team’s resolve to bring about change – because the lobbying and collaboration worked!

The BHS represented all equestrians as a member of the Highway Code Stakeholders Focus Group and we learnt a lot as part of that process so let’s build on this momentum.

Some of the other details that I think are important include the fact that equestrians are viewed alongside cyclists in the new hierarchy of road users, the inclusion of semi-feral equids such as New Forest and Dartmoor ponies, and the fact that the BHS Ride Safe award is recommended as best practice.

The launch of the new improved Highway Code will hopefully serve as a pertinent reminder that it is all road users’ responsibility to protect their own safety and that of all other users sharing the road, and specifically that vehicle drivers have more responsibility to those who are more vulnerable.

This puts a big focus on education and the Safety Team will continue to work closely with bodies like Intelligent Instructors and the Motor Schools Association leading organisations for those teaching the next generation of motorists. The new Highway Code will now be what new drivers have to learn to pass their test, and it can be used in evidence in court to establish liability.

The Dead Slow campaign was launched in 2016, since then we have worked proactively with road safety professionals.  Now we need to build on this progress – involving and informing motorists and working with police, road safety partnerships and local authorities. The Safety Team are passionate about improving your safety on the roads.

If you would like to get involved, you can find out more here, or by emailing