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Dancer’s Weight Loss Journey

Obesity and being overweight can have some of the biggest impacts on our horse’s health. Feeling like you're the only person who has to face the constant struggle of keeping on top of your horse’s weight can be disheartening. But if that's you, you're not alone! Case-in-point: we would like to introduce you to Dancer and Nina. Dancer is a 12-year-old, 14.2hh cob-cross mare, weighing in at 568 kgs and with a fat score of 5 out of 5, is obese. Nina and her mother have recently purchased Dancer and together they have one focus; to get Dancer back to a healthy weight!

As we start this journey, we learn more from Nina about Dancer’s history, her concerns about the future including any potential long-term health effects and the steps already taken alongside her vet.

The Horse Care and Welfare team will be there every step of the way, making monthly visits to support Nina as they embark on Dancer’s weight loss journey, and we are taking you along for the ride! Watch out for our regular blogs and social media updates so you can share in the brutally honest challenges and huge perks, that come with giving your horse’s lifestyle a healthy overhaul.

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