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Exceptions & Conditions

  • Last reviewed: 2nd January 2024

Exceptions and Conditions

We will investigate your concerns regarding any product, standard or service. However, please be aware of the following:

  • A complaint made against the BHS may be unfounded. In these circumstances you will be made aware of the situation and that no further action will be taken. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.
  • Some areas of the BHS may require you to submit your complaint within a specific timeframe, for example if you are raising a complaint about an assessment. We would encourage you to contact us as soon as practically possible, but we will endeavour to consider all complaints, regardless of the timeframe.
  • If a complaint is being investigated by the police or statutory authority, this will take precedence and we may not be able to investigate or act.
  • While your identity as the complainant is usually confidential, there are some occasions where this cannot be guaranteed. By the very nature of some investigations, your identity may become apparent. Please discuss this with us if you have concerns.
  • While many complaints are made through genuine concern, there are an unfortunate number which are malicious and are intended to harm the reputation of the Society, an individual or a stakeholder. If a complaint is found to be malicious, you may be found liable for the cost of the investigation and any expenses incurred.
  • We are committed to providing a professional and fair service to everyone we work with. In return we ask that customers respect our BHS employees. We won’t tolerate threatening, abusive, or violent behaviour. No BHS employee is required to deal with any such customer, either face-to-face, over the phone or in correspondence with.