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Complaints (Step 2)

  • Last reviewed: 15th February 2023

Should you wish to make a formal complaint, please follow this link and complete our online form. The relevant BHS Team will investigate your complaint and review any evidence and documentation supplied. Sometimes this means that information may need to be shared with third parties, such as Coaches, Assessors, Centres, Awarding Organisation or Clubs. Where additional evidence or documentation is required, we will discuss this with you directly. Our response will include the following:

  • What we did to investigate the complaint
  • Conclusions from the investigation
  • The outcome or decision
  • Where appropriate, what has been done as a result to change or improve

We aim for an outcome to be reached within 20 working days of receiving the complaint. However, depending on the nature of the complaint, it may take longer for us to make sure the outcome is fair and thoroughly considered. You’ll be provided with a regular progress report detailing anticipated timescales.

If the complaint is about a BHS employee, responsibility for the investigation will initially be directed to their respective line manager.