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Dealing with Ragwort: Find Your Toolkit

There has been an enormous amount of publicity about the danger that Ragwort poses to horses (and other grazing animals), yet every year the BHS responds to dozens of calls reporting horses grazing in fields infested with the yellow flower.

Our Work

We work hard to raise awareness on the issue of Ragwort and we strive to educate horse and landowners of the dangers Ragwort poses to grazing animals. Among our notable successes was the instrumental and essential role that the BHS played in the instigation of the Control of Ragwort Act (2003).

It is vital that plants are removed before they seed and spread the weed further. As part of Ragwort Awareness Weeks the BHS has given away hundreds of Rag Forks, targeted local authorities and held a successful conference to highlight landowners’ responsibilities.

In 2014 we worked in association with Defra to research and help the equestrian world deal with ragwort effectively and proportionately. You can read more about it here.

Our Ragwort Toolkit

The toolkits were produced as a result of an extensive 2014 survey carried out in England in association with Defra - the largest research of its kind. We continue to look for opportunities to improve this issue where necessary throughout the UK.

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For Further Information

The BHS Welfare Department can provide free advice, advisory literature and posters on the control and dangers of Ragwort. Contact or call on 02476 840571 or 02476 840573.

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