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BHS Accredited Professionals

Join the largest professional equestrian coaching community connecting people, ideas and resources to embed world-class standards, drive continual professional development and promote brilliance in equestrian coaching.

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BHS Career Pathways

Our world-leading BHS Equine Excellence Pathway offers you the opportunity to progress your career and learn practical, real-world skills within a structured platform.

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Ride Safe

The essential award for all riders. Ride Safe gives you the confidence to ride in the environments you are most often faced with, keeping you and your horse safe.

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Enjoy Riding

Find A Place To Ride

We can help you find somewhere to learn to ride, improve your skills, learn a new discipline or simply enjoy riding out.

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British Riding Clubs

We exist to provide support and encouragement to amateur riders of all levels from the dedicated competitor to the happy hacker.

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Our Work

Protecting Horses

We educate, advise and support horse owners and carers to prevent cases of neglect.

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Safety For All

We’re committed to making horse riding safer and focus on improving safety in all environments.

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Improving Access

We’re dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the UK’s equestrian access network.

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Get Involved

Report a welfare concern, safety incident or a problem with off-road riding.

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