Horses are a powerful way of inspiring young people to reconnect with society

What we do

We provide welfare services to horses and advice for owners. We campaign and lobby for key equestrian issues on behalf of all horses and riders and offer the world's leading equestrian qualifications and approvals system.

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Every year, we:

  • Attend over 2,000 welfare cases, protecting 8,000 horses from abuse and neglect
  • Add nearly 1,000km of new routes to the National Equestrian Route Network and react to over 3,500 threats to equestrian access
  • Provide the best education, centres and instruction with over 3,000 professionals
  • Campaign and lobby on behalf of all equestrians

Become BHS Approved

Become BHS Approved

BHS Approved means the highest standards of safety, welfare and tuition, with over 1,000 Approved Establishments in the UK, Ireland and worldwide.

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British Riding Clubs

Support, training and competitions for all amateur riders, from dedicated competitors to happy hackers.

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