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Reporting Horses in Distress

The British Horse Society and our volunteers work hard to promote the prevention of cruelty, neglect or harm to horses and to the relief, safety, sanctuary, rescue and welfare of horses in need of care, attention and assistance. We want a world where every horse is properly protected and cared for.

Reporting a welfare concern

Our team of over 170 volunteer Welfare Officers are spread throughout the UK and can investigate reports of equine welfare concerns.

There are many reasons why a horse or pony should be reported to us. These include:

  • Significantly underweight or overweight animals
  • Lack of water or food
  • Overgrown or poorly-kept hooves
  • Obviously untreated injury or disease
  • Poisonous plants in the field
  • Unsafe field or stable conditions
  • Abandoned animals
  • Incorrect tethering.

For genuine concerns contact us on 02476 840517 or email

For out-of-hours emergencies call 02476 840575 and then call the mobile phone number given in the answer-phone message. Please note that this number is only for genuine emergencies that cannot wait until the office is open.

The information we need to be able to act includes:

  • The nature of the problem
  • Horse(s) details – number, colour, gender (where known), age (where known)
  • Owners details (where known)
  • The location of the horses. The more information you can give us the better; a postcode is ideal. Even if the precise address is known, please try to give additional local information such as nearby main roads and landmarks.
  • Your contact details (a telephone number on which we can reach you). We guarantee that your details will remain absolutely confidential and under no circumstances will they be passed on to the owner of the horse(s).

We can provide you with feedback once our Welfare Officer has paid the horse a visit. If you are not sure whether a particular horse needs to be reported, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss the case with you before we ask a Welfare Officer to visit the horse(s) involved.

If you’d like to help us protect horses and you feel you have the right skills, experience and knowledge, find out more about becoming a volunteer Welfare Officer.

We can only continue our welfare work if we have the funds to do so. Help us do more for horses - make a donation to the BHS or join us.

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