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Strangles Awareness

Strangles is one of the most common worldwide equine diseases. Caused by the bacterium Streptococcus equi (S.equi), it’s highly contagious and can easily be spread through direct contact between horses, or indirectly through humans and equipment, although strangles does not affect people.

Our strangles campaign, launched in February 2007 with the Animal Health Trust, is aimed at educating horse owners to recognise the signs of strangles and how to cope with an outbreak. The contagious nature of the disease means that quick diagnosis and effective isolation procedures are essential.

The aim of this joint campaign was the target of raising £250,000. To date, more than £160,000 has been raised and a new blood test has been developed and launched in March 2008. Research and evaluation continues into an intramuscular strangles vaccine.

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