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REACT Now to Beat Colic



Colic is one of the most common emergency problems in the horse.

The British Horse Society and The University of Nottingham teamed up to create the REACT Now to Beat Colic campaign and to help horse owners combat the life-threatening condition of colic. 

Research by The University of Nottingham found that more than 90% of horse owners did not feel confident in spotting early signs of colic. 

The evidence based research also found that colic accounts for one in three emergency veterinary call outs to horses. At least one in ten of these cases may be critical, and up to 80% of these critical cases result in death or the horse being euthanised.

We aim to educate horse owners about the wide range of issues relating to colic, in particular identifying the more subtle, early signs of colic.

How to spot any early signs of colic:

R   Restless or agitated
E   Eating less or dropping reduced
A   Abdominal pain
C   Clinical changes
T   Tired or lethargic

More information about Colic

Despite many years of research and development of new methods of diagnosing and treating colic, it remains a major cause of death in the horse. It is one of the few conditions in the horse that is a genuine emergency. Find you more information about Colic, how to recognise the signs and how you can help reduce the risks of colic.

Find out more information here.

Request Your Pocket-Sized Guide

The Welfare Team and the University of Nottingham are delighted to offer a pocket-sized reference guide for our REACT Now to beat Colic campaign. Request yours please contact the Welfare team on 02476 840517 or email

Download our leaflets

The British Horse Society and The University of Nottingham have produced a variety of leaflets discussing the wide range of issues related to colic. The information has been produced from the evidence, recommendations and involvement of veterinary surgeons, horse owners and original research conducted by The University of Nottingham.

Please read and download our leaflets for more further information.


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