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Our Work

We're working for a world in which the welfare of horses is universally respected and protected, and in which all those who ride, drive or work with horses can do so safely, enjoyably and with the highest personal competence. The British Horse Society and our dedicated network of 200 volunteer Welfare Officers work hard to promote the prevention of neglect, cruelty and harm to horses and provide support, advice and education to horse owners to try and remedy problems before they become too serious.

BHS Welfare Officers respond to around 2,000 new welfare concerns annually. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to contact us and raise concerns. If you are worried about a horse but not sure if you should report it, find out further details on What is a Welfare Concern?

We can only continue our welfare work if we have the funds to do so. Help us do more for horses - please consider making a donation to the BHS or joining us.

About our Welfare and Care work

  • The British Horse Society strives to promote equine welfare by educating, advising and supporting horse owners and carers to prevent cases of neglect and improve the lives of horses
  • We train and support a network of approximately 200 volunteer Welfare Officers to respond to local welfare concerns
  • Every year we monitor hundreds of welfare concerns and provide ongoing support and advice to horse owners and carers
  • We run a free helpline through BHS HQ which responds to around 13,000 enquires by phone and email each year
  • We promote responsible breeding with our Healthcare and Education Clinics
  • We provide non-judgemental friendly support to horse owners through our ‘Friends at the End’ initiative which is designed to make sure that no horse owner has to face the loss of their equine companion alone. Find out more about ‘Friends at the End

Our Campaigns

We campaign across many issues essential for the current and future welfare of horses in the UK, working together with other organisations towards changes in policy and the law.

Find out more about our work and our campaigns

Latest Research

Every month, we showcase a new article on a particular subject, highlighting the recent research in that area.

Read more about the latest research

Our Welfare Officers

A very important part of the work of the BHS is done by our volunteer Welfare Officers. We have a network of nearly 200 Welfare Officers throughout the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. Our officers investigate reported welfare concerns and act as an advice point for all horse owners and carers.

Discover more about our welfare officers

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