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Replacement Passports

When Can a Replacement Passport Be Applied For?

If you have a horse and suspect or know that it has been previously passported and/or the horse is microchipped, but you have been unable to locate which Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) issued the original passport, a replacement passport can be applied for.

It is an offence to apply for a new passport if it is suspected that the horse has previously been issued with a passport. The legislation states that as the identity of the horse cannot be established, a vet will need to complete a new identification form before a PIO is able to produce the replacement passport.

To comply with new regulations, from 1st January 2016, any application received outside the statutory time limit will need to be processed as a replacement passport.

The passport will be stamped as a ‘replacement’ and Section IX Part II (or Section II for passports issued from 1st January 2016) will be signed by a BHS representative to declare that the horse is not intended for human consumption.

Obtaining a Replacement Passport

Please contact the Passport Office to request a replacement application form and provide your full name and address details on 02476 840574 or email Alternatively, you can download a replacement form here.

Please note:

  • Replacement application forms are posted by second class delivery; please ensure that you have received the replacement application form(s) before booking an appointment with your vet.
  • The BHS cannot accept replacement application forms from any other organisation and such paperwork will not be processed and will be immediately returned to the sender.


If the horse is already microchipped, the vet will verify the number and record this on the replacement application form. If the horse is not microchipped, it is a legal requirement for the vet to implant a microchip before the replacement passport can be issued.

Key points to remember when completing the application

To help prevent any delays in your application being processed or an incorrect application being returned, please:

Processing Time

Upon receipt of a replacement application form, the BHS will issue your horse’s passport within 15 working days. Please be aware that incorrect applications cannot be processed and will cause a delay.

Please be aware that all PIOs have a legal duty to sign Section IX Part II to declare that the horse is not intended for human consumption. The passport will also be stamped as a replacement.

Fast-Track Service

The BHS now offer a fast-track service for all types of passport application/service. Fast-track applications will be processed within one working day of receipt at a cost of £25 per application, in addition to the cost of the application/service.

Cost of Application

Replacement passports cost £25.

For registered charities replacement passports cost £10.

There is the option to have your horse’s passport returned by second class recorded (Signed For™) delivery for an additional £3. Please tick the relevant box on the application form if you would like to use this service.

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