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Horse Ownership & Passports

While horses are wonderful animals to own, they also come with a lot of responsibility. So if you’re thinking about buying or loaning a horse, it’s worth getting as much good advice as you can before you make that big decision.

Horses need a lot of your time and dedication, as well as your love and care. Owning and caring for a horse can also prove quite expensive with routine feed, livery fees, bedding, equipment, vaccinations and dentist checks to name a few. There’s also the possibility of emergency vet care to prepare for.

Find a Livery Yard

We have nearly 1,000 BHS Approved Establishments in the UK, Ireland and worldwide. So make sure you’re in safe hands and always insist on the best place for your horse.

Find a livery yard near you.


It is a legal requirement that all horses, ponies, donkeys and mules have a passport. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide more advice on how to make sure you’re within the law.

Information about Horse Passports.

Buying A Horse

You’ll find details of all decisions to consider about buying or loaning a horse in our free advice guide, from finding the right horse for you to what is involved in the general everyday care of the new addition to your family.

Find out more about buying a horse.

Loaning A Horse

Buying a horse or pony is an expensive business so many people look to loaning a horse instead as it removes the initial capital expense.

Find out more about loaning a horse.

Finance advice

We all love our horses and want the very best for them. But sometimes even the most caring horse owners can find themselves in financial difficulties.

Read our page 'Cutting Cost Without Compromise' for more information.


Euthanasia and our Friends At The End campaign

When you're faced with the hardest decision of all, we're here to help. We will always do our best to help and support you if and when that difficult time comes. Our ‘Friends at the End’ is a BHS initiative designed to make sure that no horse owner has to face the loss of their equine companion alone.

Find out more information about euthanasia

Learn about our 'Friends At The End' campaign.

Responsible Rehoming

Equine charities are bursting at the seams and rehoming a rescue pony can be another option to buying or loaning your own. The horse or pony will have been professionally backed (if suitable for backing) and have had thorough training before an organisation would consider it suitable to be rehomed. 

You also get ongoing support from the organisation and the option to return the horse if it is unsuitable or your circumstances change. 

You could give a rescue pony the life it deserves after a potentially unhappy start. The National Equine Welfare Council has a list of many of the charities that offer rehoming. Find more information in our Responsible Rehoming leaflet.

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