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Laminitis is a serious and painful disease that attacks the feet of equines. It is one of the most common causes of lameness, and nearly every week a horse, pony or donkey dies in the UK as a result of the condition. Traditionally thought of as a ‘spring’ disease due to its association with overgrazing and equine obesity, laminitis can affect any type of horse, pony or donkey at any time of year. Numerous ‘trigger’ factors are associated with the condition, including obesity and mechanical trauma.

The best protection against laminitis lies in owners making themselves aware of the factors which trigger the disease, and the symptoms associated with its early stages.

Subtle signs of laminitis

As horse owners/carers we know our horses well so when something isn’t quite right you’ll often be the first to notice. Being aware of the more subtle signs of laminitis can help you to take action faster.

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